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Governing Council and Senior Management

Learn more about the current leadership at the Bank of Canada, or access our list of former senior officers.

Governing Council

The Governing Council is the policy-making body of the Bank. It consists of the Governor, Senior Deputy Governor and the Deputy Governors. It is responsible for conducting monetary policy and promoting a safe and efficient financial system.

Carolyn Rogers

Senior Deputy Governor

Toni Gravelle

Deputy Governor

Sharon Kozicki

Deputy Governor

Rhys R. Mendes

Deputy Governor

Nicolas Vincent

External, non-executive Deputy Governor

Executive Council

The Executive Council is made up of the Senior Deputy Governor, the Chief Operating Officer, the Executive Director of Policy, the Executive Director of Payments, Supervision and Oversight and the Advisor and Chief of Staff to the Governor. They are the primary management decision-making body within the Bank and support the decision-making functions of the Governing Council and the Board of Directors.

Alexis Corbett

Chief Operating Officer

Filipe Dinis

Outgoing Chief Operating Officer

Nick Leswick

Executive Director of Policy

Ron Morrow

Ron Morrow

Executive Director of Payments, Supervision and Oversight

Jill Vardy

Advisor and Chief of Staff

Executive Leadership

Russell Barnett

Managing Director, Financial Stability

Naomi Belleau

Managing Director and Chief Internal Auditor

Carol Brigham

Managing Director, Supervision

Coralia Bulhoes

Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer

Maureen Carroll

Managing Director, Currency

Sylvain Chalut

Managing Director and Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services

Julie Champagne

Managing Director, Corporate Services and Data

Ian Christensen

Managing Director, Banking and Payments Department

José Dorich

Managing Director, International Economic Analysis

Marc-André Gosselin

Managing Director, Canadian Economic Analysis

Mark Hardisty

Special Advisor

Harriet Jackson

Advisor and Chief of Staff

Stéphane Lavoie

Managing Director, Financial Markets Department

Katherine Murray

Managing Director and Chief Human Resources Officer, Human Resources

Michael O’Bryan

Managing Director and Chief Risk Officer

Annie Portelance

Managing Director, Communications

Steve Thomas

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Jing Yang

Managing Director, Economic and Financial Research

Senior Management


Naomi Belleau, Managing Director and Chief Internal Auditor

Banking and Payments

Ian Christensen, Managing Director
Christopher Reid, Deputy Managing Director
Vacant, Senior Research Director
Marc Normandeau, Senior Director
Scott Hendry, Senior Special Director

Canadian Economic Analysis

Marc-André Gosselin, Managing Director
Virginie Traclet, Deputy Managing Director
Gino Cateau, Senior Policy Director
Erik Ens, Senior Policy Director
Alexander Ueberfeldt, Senior Policy Director
Stefano Gnocchi, Senior Research Director


Annie Portelance, Managing Director
Nicholas Galletti, Deputy Managing Director
Tara Sutorius, Senior Director

Corporate Services

Julie Champagne, Managing Director
John Robert Fortin, Deputy Managing Director
Peter Lambertucci, Senior Director
Sahar Nezami, Senior Director
Trevor Sabean, Senior Director


Maureen Carroll, Managing Director
Yvonne de Lint, Deputy Managing Director
Ted Garanzotis, Senior Director
Julie Martens, Senior Director

Economic and Financial Research

Jing Yang, Managing Director
Sermin Gungor, Deputy Managing Director
Jason Allen, Senior Research Officer
Oleksiy Kryvtsov, Senior Research Officer
Joel Rodrigue, Senior Research Officer

Executive and Legal Services

Steve Thomas, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Matthew Meagher, Assistant General Counsel
Lesley Ryan, Deputy Corporate Secretary and Senior Director

Financial and Enterprise Risk

Michael O’Bryan, Managing Director and Chief Risk Officer
Krystelle Bilodeau, Deputy Managing Director

Financial Markets

Stéphane Lavoie, Managing Director
James Chapman, Deputy Managing Director
Cars Hommes, Senior Research Director
Miguel Molico, Senior Research Director
Alexandra Lai, Senior Director
Philippe Muller, Senior Director
Harri Vikstedt, Senior Policy Director
Lorie Zorn, Senior Director

Financial Services

Coralia Bulhoes, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer
Adelle Laniel, Deputy Managing Director
Caroline Jean, Senior Director

Financial Stability

Russell Barnett, Managing Director
Natasha Khan, Deputy Managing Director
Vacant, Senior Director
Tamara Gomes, Senior Director
Yaz Terajima, Senior Research Director

Human Resources

Katherine Murray, Managing Director and Chief Human Resources Officer
Michelle Martin, Deputy Managing Director
Annie Guilbault, Senior Director

Information Technology Services

Sylvain Chalut, Managing Director and Chief Information Officer
Erin Trudeau, Deputy Managing Director
Hisham El-Bihbety, Senior Director
Roger Hatch, Senior Director
Robert Pichette, Senior Director
Ben Sorensen, Senior Director
Hajer Zaiem, Senior Director

International Economic Analysis

José Dorich, Managing Director
Lori Rennison, Deputy Managing Director
Vacant, Senior Policy Director
Subrata Sarker, Senior Policy Director
Ben Tomlin, Senior Research Director


Carol Brigham, Managing Director
Melanie Achtemichuk, Deputy Managing Director
Nikil Chande, Senior Director
Éric Chouinard, Senior Director

True to May 27, 2024

Past Governors of the Bank

Stephen S. Poloz


Mark Carney


David Dodge


Gordon Thiessen


John Crow


Gerald Bouey


Louis Rasminsky


James Coyne


Graham Towers