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Research paper awards

At the Bank of Canada, we’re pleased to offer awards for research papers by students and by staff.

Student awards

Graduate Student Paper Award

The Bank of Canada Graduate Student Paper Award is conferred annually at a workshop held here at the Bank. The purpose of this award is to promote high-quality research in the subject areas relevant for the Bank’s mandate.

  • The award is open to Permanent Canadian Resident graduate (PhD) students at any institution worldwide and graduate (PhD) students enrolled at a Canadian university.
  • Travel expenses are covered for selected student candidates.

For more information about the award and its eligibility, see the 2024 Call for Nominations.


  • 2023: Guangbin Hong (University of Toronto)
    • runner-up: Emmanuel Murray Leclair (Western University)
  • 2022: Johnny Tang (Harvard)
    • runner-up: Max Miller (Wharton)
  • 2021: Ronit Mukherji (University of British Columbia)
    • runner-up: Ali Abolghasemi (HEC Montreal)
  • 2020: Jasmine Hao (Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia)
    • runner-up: Eric Richert (Queen's University)
  • 2019: Mark Rempel (Wisconsin-Madison)
    • runner-up: Eyub Yegen (Toronto)
  • 2018: Christoph Schiller (Toronto)
    • runner-up: Kurt See (Minnesota)
  • 2017: Pierluca Pannella (University of British Columbia)
  • 2016: Bingjing Li (University of British Columbia)
    • runner-up: Oscar Becerra (University of British Columbia)
  • 2015: Hugo Jales (University of British Columbia)
    • runners-up: Chad Kendall (University of British Columbia) and Derek Messacar (Toronto)
  • 2014: Jonathan Hoddenbagh (Boston College)
    • runner-up: Edouard Djeutem (Simon Fraser University)

Best Student Paper Award - Annual NFA Conference

The Bank of Canada Best Student Paper Award recognizes the best paper written by a student and accepted for presentation at the Northern Finance Association (NFA) Annual Conference. The award has been given annually since 2015, when it replaced the Best Paper Award.


  • 2018: Ryan Kim (Columbia University)
  • 2017: Nuri Ersahin (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • 2016: Christoph Schiller (Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto)
  • 2015: Zhe Wang (Stanford) and Yi Chen (Yale)

Best Paper Award - Annual NFA Conference

The Bank of Canada Award for the Best Paper on the Canadian Financial System was given annually between 2003 and 2013. Eligible papers included all those accepted for presentation at the Northern Finance Association (NFA) Annual Conference.

This award was replaced by the Best Student Paper Award in 2015.


  • 2013: Talis Putnins (University of Technology Sydney)
  • 2012: Hamed Mahmudi (Oklahoma)
  • 2011: D.J. Cumming (York), Ari Pandes (Calgary), Michael Robinson (Calgary)
  • 2010: Martin Boyer (HEC Montréal), Lea Stern (Ohio State)
  • 2009: Blake Phillips (Alberta), Aditya Kaul (Alberta)
  • 2008: Ari Pandes (Calgary), Elizabeth Maynes (York)
  • 2007: Haibo Fan (Concordia), Lorne Switzer (Concordia)
  • 2006: Georges Dionne (HEC Montréal), Maria Pacurar, Pierre Duchesne
  • 2005: Lawrence Kryzanowski (Concordia), Skander Lazrak (Brock)
  • 2004: Craig Wilison (Saskatchewan), Robert Elliott (Calgary)
  • 2003: Susan Christoffersen (McGill), Chris Geczy (Wharton), David Musto (Wharton), Adam Reed (North Carolina)

Undergraduate Student Paper Award

The Undergraduate Student Paper Award is organized jointly with the Canadian Economic Association (CEA) during the annual congress of the association. Following a poster session, prizes for the best paper and the best poster are awarded. The event aims at promoting research skills among undergraduate students to develop the future generation of Canadian economists.

Current undergraduate students in Canadian universities, or those who have completed their studies in the past year but have not yet begun their graduate studies, are encouraged to apply. Around ten students are invited to present their poster at the annual congress.

Staff awards

Bank of Canada’s Top Research Award

The Bank of Canada’s Top Research Award recognizes achievements in economic and financial system research coming from within our organization. The award is issued annually to the individual or group who made the most significant contribution to our research agenda through work published in the previous calendar year.


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