Christopher Reid

Senior Director



Christopher Reid is a Senior Director of Financial Stability Oversight in the Financial Stability Department (FSD) in charge of FMI oversight. He oversees the Payment System Division, the Retail Payments Division, the Market Infrastructure Division, and the Resolution and Crisis Preparedness Division.  Chris first joined the Bank in 1999 as an Economist in the International department, and has since held increasingly senior positions in the Financial Market Department and the Financial Stability Department. He also worked as a member of the secretariat of the Financial Stability Board in Basel Switzerland from 2012-2016, supporting the work of the Standing Committee on the Assessment of Vulnerabilities (SCAV).

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Staff Working Papers

Real Return Bonds, Inflation Expectations, and the Break-Even Inflation Rate

Staff Working Paper 2004-43 Ian Christensen, Christopher Reid, Frédéric Dion
According to the Fisher hypothesis, the gap between Canadian nominal and Real Return Bond yields (or break-even inflation rate) should be a good measure of inflation expectations.

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