Daily Digest

The Bank of Canada will take over the responsibility for publishing the Canadian Overnight Repo Rate Average (CORRA), effective Monday, June 15, 2020. For details, see the press release and the methodology.
All Bank of Canada exchange rates are indicative rates only, obtained from averages of aggregated price quotes from financial institutions. For details, please read our full Terms and Conditions.
Exchange Rates 2020-06-042020-06-05 +/-
USD/CAD1.35081.3429 -0.0079
CAD/USD0.74030.7447 +0.0044
Daily Nominal Canadian Effective Exchange Rates 1116.87117.31 +0.44
Daily Nominal CEER versus Major Currencies108.84109.52 +0.68
Daily Nominal CEER versus Other Important Trading Partners141.45141.22 -0.23
Daily Nominal CEER excluding the U.S. dollar123.21123.44 +0.23
Money Market 2020-06-032020-06-04 +/-
Overnight Money Market Financing Rate 20.2437%-- --
Target for the overnight rate0.25%0.25% 0.00
Overnight Repo Rate (CORRA) 30.2207%0.2212% +0.0005
Treasury Bills - 1 Month0.16%0.14% -0.02
Inflation 2020-032020-04 +/-
Inflation-control target range 1-31-3 --
Total consumer price index 40.9%-0.2% -1.1
CPI-trim 41.8%1.8% 0.0
CPI-median 42.0%2.0% 0.0
CPI-common 41.7%1.6% -0.1
Interest Rates 2020-05-272020-06-03 +/-
Prime rate2.45%2.45% 0.00
5-year4.94%4.94% 0.00
Bond Yields 2020-06-032020-06-04 +/-
Government of Canada Marketable Bonds - Average Yield - Over 10 Years1.10%1.16% +0.06
Government of Canada Benchmark Bond Yields - 3 Year0.31%0.31% 0.00
Real Return Bond - Long-Term0.22%0.24% +0.02
  1. 1. Canadian effective exchange rate[]
  2. 2. As part of a periodic exercise to review and update current definitions, the Overnight Money Market Financing Rate (OMMFR) has been updated to provide more clarity on the calculation of this metric, specifically the types of collateral and transactions that are included. Also as part of this review, effective 1 October 2016, the Bank of Canada will be delaying the publication of the OMMFR by an additional business day. Hence, from that date, the OMMFR will be available shortly after 9:00 ET two business days following its calculation. (More information).[]
  3. 3. Since 30 March 2015 Thomson Reuters Benchmark Services Limited has been responsible for the calculation of the CORRA rate. This rate, as calculated by Thomson Reuters, is published by the Bank at the end of the day. (More information).[]
  4. 4. 12-month per cent change[]