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Media contacts

Find out how to contact our media consultants.

Who and what

Our media consultants are available by email or phone to

  • answer questions about the Bank and its activities
  • provide information about special services for journalists
  • arrange interviews
  • provide stock photos and B-roll


Our consultants are available from 08:30 to 17:00 ET, Monday to Friday. We will normally reply to all media calls and emails within four hours. To help us serve you better, please include the following information in your requests:

  • your name
  • your affiliation
  • the issue/question you're interested in
  • your deadline


Telephone: 613‑782‑8782

Media consultants

Paul Badertscher
Director, Media Relations

Amélie Ferron-Craig
Senior Media Relations Consultant

Alex Paterson
Media Relations Consultant

Sean Gordon
Media Relations Consultant

Aia Raafat Hassan
Media Relations Consultant

Valentina Rincon Salazar
Media Relations Analyst