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Market operations and liquidity provision

Market operations, programs and facilities

Get quick access to details and data—including terms and conditions, schedules and results.

Indicators related to market operations

A table of indicators related to the implementation of monetary policy that includes the operating band, settlement balances and other Bank of Canada operations.

Bank of Canada Margin Call Practice for Domestic Market Operations

For transactions outstanding against securities purchased or sold under a term purchase and resale agreement, the Bank values the securities daily, and compares that value to the contract valuation to ensure the Bank is adequately protected.

Framework for market operations and liquidity provision

Learn about the Bank’s policies for financial market operations and tools for providing liquidity to the financial system. This includes routine and emergency liquidity tools provided as part of the Bank’s role as lender of last resort.

About the Bank of Canada’s balance sheet

At the Bank of Canada, our balance sheet reflects the unique role we play as Canada’s central bank. Get an overview of how it’s used to acquire assets and support our core functions, and learn about the types of assets and liabilities we hold.

Lender of last resort

The Bank of Canada, as Canada's central bank, is the ultimate source of liquid funds to the financial system. Learn about this role, known as “lender of last resort".

COVID-19: Actions to support the economy and financial system

Learn about the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Bank’s actions to support the Canadian economy and financial system.

A chronology of crisis response measures (2007–2011)

View the chronological list of crisis response measures the Bank of Canada took between December 12, 2007 and November 30, 2011.


March 27, 2020

Rules Governing Advances to Financial Institutions

These Rules serve as policy guidelines and administrative procedures for financial institutions and financial market infrastructures seeking to obtain loans (advances) from the Bank of Canada.

Policy consultations

May 5, 2015

Public Consultations on the Bank of Canada’s Framework for Financial Market Operations and its Emergency Lending Assistance Policies

The Bank of Canada undertook public consultations to update its framework for financial market operations and its emergency lending policies to reflect the evolution of the Canadian financial system and lessons learned globally during the 2007–09 financial crisis. As part of the public consultations, the Bank released two consultation papers that proposed several changes to its market operations and to its Emergency Lending Assistance (ELA) policies. The comment period for the consultations ended on 4 July 2015.
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