Market Operations Indicators

Monetary Policy Implementation

Bank Rate2.001.501.001.000.50
Operating Band/Low1.501.000.500.750.25
Operating Band/High2.001.501.001.000.50
Target Rate1.751.250.750.750.25

LVTS Settlement Balances

Target (Available)
Daily Target Rate Intervention (Settlement Date Effect)
Overnight Repos (OR)
Overnight Reverse Repos (ORR)
Other Bank of Canada Operations (Settlement Date Effect)
Term Repos0.
Securities Lending0.

Note: Effective March 23, 2020, reflecting the scale of liquidity operations the Bank is undertaking and the associated increases in settlement balances, the Bank is adjusting its operating framework for the implementation of monetary policy until further notice. The operating band is narrowed to 25 basis points compared to the normal 50 basis points, and the deposit rate will be set to the current target for the overnight rate. The Bank also will not be targeting a specific level of settlement balances.