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Working here

As one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers, we offer a superior work environment that rewards innovation and collaboration.

Our dynamic workplace will challenge, energize and motivate you to be your very best while providing opportunities for career growth and professional development. Most Bank employees work in our head office in Ottawa, across from Parliament Hill.

The Bank of Canada is a leading employer with a dynamic and engaged workforce. We are honoured that our commitment to our employees has earned us the title of one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers.

Superior work environment

We provide a world-class fitness centre at our head office and offer reimbursement for eligible fitness club memberships when a facility is not available.

We are committed to providing you with a safe work environment that allows you to reach your full potential both professionally and personally.

Health and wellness

We support your health and wellness both on and off the job and help you maintain a good work-life balance by providing resources for you and your family.

Flexible work arrangements

To accommodate the diverse needs of our employees, we offer a variety of flexible work arrangements.


We are committed to bilingualism which allows you to communicate and work in the official language of your choice for a successful and rewarding career.

Employee recognition programs

We recognize the contributions of our employees through departmental recognition, our Awards of Excellence and events celebrating volunteerism and years of service.

Our community

We support the United Way Centraide and HealthPartners campaigns and the Take Our Kids to Work program; we also hold events such as the annual golf and hockey tournaments.

Workplace accommodations and disability at work

We support the diverse needs of our employees by offering a variety of temporary and permanent workplace accomodations to help them carry out their responsibilities. This includes wheelchair accessible buildings and ergonomic assessments.

Employee resource groups

We have several voluntary, employee-led groups for women, people with disabilities, and LGBTQS+ that promote learning and sharing. They increase awareness and help foster and promote a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Distinctive development opportunities

We make your career growth and professional development a priority.

Professional development

We hold seminars, speaker engagements and workshops and encourage you to attend conferences and workshops across Canada and abroad.

Career management

Our approach to career management facilitates your progression to increasing levels of challenge and responsibility.

Tuition assistance

Employees may receive partial or full funding towards personal and professional education goals.

Workplace learning and training

Learning, mentoring and advancement opportunities help employees grow professionally and personally.

Language training

As a bilingual organization, we offer English and French training programs.

The Bank supports employees in their career development and promotes their continuous learning.

Competitive total compensation

We offer a program that allows you to choose benefits that closely match your needs.

Our competitive total compensation package is designed to meet the needs of employees at every stage of their lives and careers.


We review our salary structure regularly to ensure competitiveness.

Performance pay

We offer an incentive for successfully meeting expectations, sometimes called variable or re-earnable pay at other organizations. We also offer performance pay for exceeding expectations.


We have a flexible and comprehensive benefits package so you can choose the level of health, dental, disability and life/accident insurance coverage. You can also purchase extra vacation days (up to five each year) to add to your vacation entitlement.


We offer an indexed, defined-benefit pension plan.