Gerald Bouey

Former Governor (1973 - 1987)

Past Governors of the Bank

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Mr. Bouey was appointed Governor of the Bank of Canada and President of the Industrial Development Bank on 1 February 1973. He served two 7-year terms, retiring on 1 February 1987.

Born in Axford, Saskatchewan, Mr. Bouey earned an Honours BA at Queen's University, where he was awarded the Economics Medal. During World War II, Mr. Bouey served with the Royal Canadian Air Force, attaining the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

Mr. Bouey joined the Bank of Canada Research Department in 1948. He was appointed Assistant Chief of the Research Department in 1953, Deputy Chief in 1956 and Chief of the department in 1962.

Mr. Bouey was made an Advisor to the Governor in July 1965 and promoted to Deputy Governor on 9 December 1969. He was appointed Senior Deputy Governor on 1 January 1972. Mr. Bouey left the Bank on 1 February 1987.

Mr. Bouey passed away on 6 February 2004.