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Find articles, reports, surveys and historical documents. For quick access, browse all publications.

Annual Report and Quarterly Financial Report

The Bank of Canada’s Annual Report, including disclosure of climate-related risks and audited financial statements, and the Bank of Canada's Quarterly Financial Report.

The Economy, Plain and Simple

Explaining economic issues that matter to you.

Monetary Policy Report

A quarterly report of the Bank of Canada’s Governing Council, presenting the Bank’s base-case projection for inflation and growth in the Canadian economy, and its assessment of risks.

Economic survey results

Business Outlook Survey

A quarterly summary of interviews conducted by the Bank's regional offices with the senior management of about 100 firms.

Canadian Survey of Consumer Expectations

A quarterly survey aimed at measuring household views of inflation, the labour market and household finances as well as topical issues of interest to the Bank of Canada.

Market Participants Survey

The Market Participants Survey (MPS) is conducted quarterly and engages a diverse set of participants in financial markets and gathers their views on key macroeconomic and financial variables as well as monetary policy.

Senior Loan Officer Survey

A quarterly survey of business-lending practices of major Canadian financial institutions.

Financial Stability Report

An assessment of potential risks to the stability of Canada's financial system.

Financial System Survey

Presents the key results from the Bank of Canada Financial System Survey.

Financial System Research Centre

The FSRC promotes financial system research in Canada to inform policy and improve the economic and financial well-being of Canadians.

Indicators of financial vulnerabilities

Get quarterly data for the indicators we use to track the evolution of two vulnerabilities in the Canadian economy: the elevated level of household indebtedness and high house prices.

Historical publications

Bank of Canada Review

A semi-annual publication, which ceased production in 2017, featuring articles related to the Canadian economy and to central banking.

Books and monographs

Access publications related to the Bank and its activities.

Summary of Government of Canada Direct Securities and Loans

Published annually by the Bank of Canada from 2000 to 2018.