Grahame Johnson

Managing Director

Grahame Johnson was appointed Managing Director of the Bank’s Funds Management and Banking Department (FBD) in August 2013. FBD oversees the fiscal-agent activities of the Bank in the area of debt management (wholesale and retail), foreign reserves and treasury risk management. The department is also responsible for the payment and settlement activities of the Bank, manages the assets of the Bank’s Pension Fund Trust Fund and undertakes fundamental research to support FBD’s full range of responsibilities.

Mr. Johnson joined the Bank in 2001 and has held positions as Assistant Director of the Financial Risk Office and Director of the Financial Markets Department (FMD). In 2010, he became Deputy Chief of FMD, a position he held until his appointment as Chief of FBD. Mr. Johnson has extensive knowledge of markets as well as financial system, monetary and funds-management policies. Prior to joining the Bank, he worked on the fixed-income trading desk of a major Canadian financial institution.

Mr. Johnson is a native of Montréal, Quebec. He has a degree in commerce from Queen’s University and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

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Grahame Johnson

Managing Director
Funds Management and Banking
Strategic Leadership

Bank of Canada
234 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0G9


April 2, 2014 Briefing on Digital Currencies

Remarks Grahame Johnson, Lukasz Pomorski Senate of Canada Ottawa, Ontario
In an educational session on e-money to the Senate of Canada’s Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce. Grahame Johnson and Lukasz Pomorski highlight recent innovations in Canada’s payments system and the economic needs that these innovations satisfy.
Content Type(s): Press, Speeches Topic(s): Digital Currencies

Implications of New Accounting Standards for the Bank of Canada's Balance Sheet

Staff Discussion Paper 2007-2 Grahame Johnson, Mark Zelmer
The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) has implemented new accounting standards for the valuation and reporting of financial instruments. They are effective for the Bank of Canada in 2007. As a result of these changes, the Bank has begun valuing its holdings of Government of Canada treasury bills on a fair value basis and […]

December 24, 2004 Government of Canada Yield-Curve Dynamics, 1986-2003

A database of historical Government of Canada zero-coupon yield curves developed at the Bank of Canada is introduced in this article, which also includes an initial statistical analysis of the behaviour and evolution of the zero-coupon interest (spot) rates over the full period and two distinct subperiods. Specific areas of interest include the evolution of the levels of key interest rates and yield-curve measures over the sample as well as daily changes in the key interest rates and the yield-curve measures; the identification of a relatively small number of factors that drove the evolution of the yield curve; and the total returns that would have been realized by holding bonds of different maturities for a given holding period.

An Empirical Analysis of the Canadian Term Structure of Zero-Coupon Interest Rates

Staff Working Paper 2004-48 David Bolder, Grahame Johnson, Adam Metzler
Zero-coupon interest rates are the fundamental building block of fixed-income mathematics, and as such have an extensive number of applications in both finance and economics.

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