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Students and recent grads

We hire students who are still in school and recent graduates and soon-to-be graduates from a wide range of backgrounds.

Our solid reputation and exceptional development programs make your professional growth a priority. By working at the Bank, you will gain real-world experience while building a professional network.

Check out our current postings, upload your resume, set job alerts and more.

Still in school


Need some support to pursue your goals? Learn about our scholarship awards in support of diversity and inclusion, as well as our Master’s Scholarship Award for women in economics.

Summer jobs

We recruit students for full-time summer jobs in accounting, business administration and commerce, communications and marketing, economic research, finance, audit, human resources, information technology, office services, operations and trades. We start accepting applications in January for terms from May to late August.

Student work programs

Students from universities and colleges contribute directly to our work (and get some guidance along the way). Start dates are typically in September and January and require that you commit to at least 13 weeks of full-time work.

If you are in a co-op program, please check with your university or college co-op office to ensure the placement will qualify with your program.

Taylor is an Economist at the Bank.

Abeer is a Senior Analyst at the Bank.

Governor's Challenge

The annual Governor’s Challenge is a university competition that promotes understanding of the role of monetary policy in Canada’s economy by putting students in the role of advisor to the Bank’s Governing Council.

MA internships

Graduate students can get a head start on gaining experience and building a professional network. The timing is flexible, with most terms beginning in May.

PhD internships

As a PhD student, you will spend two to four months pursuing your dissertation and presenting and promoting your research. We provide a wealth of opportunities to grow and build your professional expertise and to network with fellow Bank researchers and visiting external academics.

Recent or soon-to-be graduates

Each year, we recruit new and soon-to-be graduates in economics and finance from universities across Canada.

In addition, we will post this opportunity two times a year: In September and February. If you have already applied, you do not have to do so again; your application will still be available.

Note: Positions will be filled throughout the year, based on operational needs.

We recruit for the following positions.

Research assistants

Bachelor’s degree candidates pursuing a research assistant position will be screened during online interviews that take place in November.

  • Job offers are contingent on a security and reference verification and completion of your degree.
  • Relocation assistance may be provided to eligible candidates.

Laura is a Research Assistant at the Bank.

Daniela is a Senior Analyst at the Bank.

Economists / analysts

Master’s degree candidates considered for positions as economists/analysts will participate in a first round of online interviews in October and a second round in November.

  • Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Bank.
  • Job offers are made after the second round of interviews and are contingent on security and reference verification and completion of your degree.
  • Relocation assistance may be provided to eligible candidates.

Senior economists / financial sector specialist senior analysts

Every year, we hire new and experienced PhDs as Senior economists or Financial Sector Specialist (FSS) senior analysts. You will join a team of over 80 PhDs as they support our principal missions through leading-edge research and rigorous policy analysis.

Research plan

Leading-edge economic research and analysis is at the heart of policymaking at the Bank of Canada.

  • We seek expertise from a variety of fields, including theoretical and applied macro, international macro and trade, international finance, empirical banking and finance, banking and payment theory, asset pricing, econometrics, empirical micro, industrial organization, economic applications of data science, and others.
  • Find out more about our current research priorities.

First year plan

Your primary goal is to conduct research to produce publishable work in major journals.

Research support

  • Research Assistants will help you gather data, conduct statistical analysis, and prepare materials for presentations.
  • A team of administrative, computer, data-scientist, editorial, design, and library professionals will be available to you.
  • You will have access to numerous data sources, including confidential and administrative data, and powerful computing capabilities, including the cluster.
  • Travel for external presentations of ongoing research is centrally funded and managed by a committee comprised of Senior Researchers.
  • Additional funding may be available for working with co-authors, invited discussions, or attending high-profile conferences.

Career paths

We are committed to employee growth and career development and support our employees in reaching their full potential within their roles. We lay out career paths with policy and research streams, and we offer career development and support to foster mobility along and between the streams.

Research community

Our research community includes economists from top economic departments and major institutions, referees and journal editors. You will have many opportunities to interact and exchange ideas with them, collaborate on research projects or provide feedback on ongoing research, through the following:

  • research conferences, workshops, and visiting speaker seminars throughout the year including the Fellowship Program and the Visiting Scholar Program
  • the opportunity to work with Special Advisers who enhance the research efforts and policy advice by providing guidance on joint research projects (that is, commenting on papers and policy documents).

Review the publication, education and research profiles of our economic research staff.