Funds Management

We provide funds-management services for the Government of Canada, ourselves and other clients.

Government of Canada

We are the fiscal agent for the Government. We provide treasury-management services and manage Canada’s public debt programs and foreign exchange reserves.

Designated Financial Market Infrastructures

To reduce risk in the financial system, we provide Canadian-dollar payment, settlement and collateral services to financial market infrastructures that we have designated as systemically important or as prominent payment systems.

Direct Participants in Canada’s Designated Payment Systems

To facilitate the implementation of monetary policy and support domestic financial stability, we provide certain banking services (such as settlement account and collateral services) to direct participants in Canada’s designated payment systems.

Certain Federal Crown Corporations

To support the stability of the Canadian financial system, we provide Canadian-dollar cash accounts and securities accounts to certain federal Crown corporations.

Central Banks and Official International Financial Organizations

We provide Canadian-dollar operating accounts, securities accounts for the settlement and custody of securities, and gold safekeeping to foreign central banks and official international financial organizations.

Bank of Canada

We manage the investments and liabilities that are reported on our own balance sheet, as well as the investments held by the Bank’s pension fund (which are held and maintained in a pension trust separate from the Bank).

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Digital Currencies and Fintech

Digital Currencies and Fintech

Understanding digital currencies and related financial technologies is an important part of our research agenda.

Unclaimed Balances

Find unclaimed balances to which you may be entitled. Make a claim, or check the status of a claim.