Official International Reserves

The weekly Reserves data will be posted on the Bank of Canada website on the first business day following the 8th, 15th and 23rd day of each month.

The monthly Reserves data will be posted on the Department of Finance website on the third business day following month-end.

DATE 23 November 2022 DATE 23 novembre 2022
Official International Reserves (millions of U.S. dollars) Réserves officielles de liquidités internationales (millions de dollars américains)
U.S. dollars 55,492 Dollars américains
Other Foreign Currencies 22,861 Autres devises étrangères
Gold 0 Or
Special Drawing Rights 22,472 Droits de tirage spéciaux
Reserve position in IMF 4,288 Position de réserve au FMI
Other Reserve Assets 298 Autre actif de réserve
Total 23 November 2022 105,411 Total 23 novembre 2022
15 November 2022 104,596 Total 15 novembre 2022
Change 815 Variation
Change from 31 October 2022 1,635 Variation depuis le 31 octobre 2022
Foreign exchange transactions not yet settled 0 Opérations sur devises non réglées