Virginie Traclet

Senior Director



Virginie Traclet is Senior Director in the Bank’s Financial Markets Department. Her primary areas of interest include the assessment of financial stability risks and financial system regulation. Prior to her current role, she was in the Financial Stability Department where she was Director of the Model Development and Research Division for 3 years and Director of the Financial Institutions Division for 4 years. Virginie holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Rennes 1 (France).

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Staff Working Papers

Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Canada: Some Interesting Principles for EMU?

Staff Working Paper 2004-28 Virginie Traclet
Choosing a well-designed framework for fiscal and monetary policies is a challenge for economic authorities.
Content Type(s): Staff Research, Staff Working Papers Topic(s): Fiscal Policy, Monetary policy framework JEL Code(s): E, E5, E58, E6, E61, E63