Canadian Fixed-Income Forum

The Canadian Fixed-Income Forum (CFIF) is a group set up by the Bank of Canada to facilitate the sharing of information between market participants and the Bank on the Canadian fixed-income market. You can find what we do and how we're organized, related market notices as well as our members. We also provide a list of our meetings.

What We Do

The Canadian Fixed-Income Forum (Forum) is a senior level industry-wide committee established by the Bank of Canada to discuss developments in fixed-income market structure and functioning, market practices, and related policy issues. The goals of the Forum are to:

  • enhance the efficiency and resilience of the Canadian fixed-income market;
  • improve the quality, clarity and market-wide understanding of Canadian fixed-income trading practices;
  • evaluate and propose changes to market infrastructure;
  • communicate any recommendations and analysis to oversight authorities, regulators, industry groups and other market participants as needed.

The Forum will not discuss monetary policy or policy issues directly relating to the size and distribution of the federal government’s debt programme which are covered through other fora.

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September 15, 2020

CFIF Meeting (September 15, 2020)

Agenda Time: 15:30–17:30Location: Video conference Items Time 1. Recent bond market developments and near-term outlook or issues 30 min 2. Initiatives to enhance GoC Market Functioning 20 min 3. CARR update 20 min 4. Transparency in fixed income markets 50 min Documents
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May 13, 2020

CFIF Meeting (May 13, 2020)

Agenda Time: 16:00–17:30Location: Teleconference Items Time 1. Recent bond market developments and near-term outlook or issues 45 min 2. ESG mandates and fixed income markets 30 min 3. International developments/work – update 5 min 4. CARR – update 10 min Documents
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Bank of Canada

Toni Gravelle

Deputy Governor
Bank of Canada

Toni Gravelle

Jim Byrd

RBC Capital Markets

Market Representatives

Sandra Lau

Alberta Investment Management Corporation

Brian D’Costa

Algonquin Capital

John McArthur

Bank of America Securities

Paul Scurfield


Chris Beauchemin

British Columbia Investment Management Corporation

Roger Casgrain

Casgrain & Company Limited

Karl Wildi

CIBC World Markets

Martin Bellefeuille

Desjardins Securities

Philippe Ouellette

Fiera Capital

Daniel Bergen

The Canada Life Assurance Company

Graeme Robertson

Phillips, Hager and North Investment Services

Greg Moore

Toronto Dominion Bank

Marlene Puffer

CN Investment Division

Rob Goobie

Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)


The Canadian Alternative Reference Rate Working Group (CARR) was created to identify and seek to develop a new term risk-free Canadian dollar interest rate benchmark.

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