Bank Notes

The Bank of Canada supplies Canadians with bank notes that they can use with confidence and pride, by issuing quality notes that are readily accepted and secure.

Announcement: COVID-19 - Bank of Canada asks retailers to continue accepting cash.

The next bank NOTE-able Canadian

Learn how the selection process for the portrait subject of the $5 note will unfold.

Canada’s Vertical $10 Note

Explore and share the $10 polymer bank note featuring Viola Desmond.

Law Enforcement Award of Excellence for Counterfeit Deterrence

This award recognizes the efforts of individuals in the fields of counterfeit enforcement, crime prevention, and education.

Changes to Legal Tender Status

Find out what removing legal tender status means and which bank notes are affected.


Bank Notes Past and Present

Learn all about the art and security of our bank notes.

Principles of Design

Read about the process and guiding principles for bank note design.


Watch videos about the vertical $10 note, how to fight fraud and much more.


Access a selection of bank note images, past and present.

Tools & Services

Bank Note Redemption Service

Redeem bank notes that are mutilated or contaminated, or that will no longer be legal tender.

Counterfeit Prevention

Learn why it’s important to check your notes, and how to deal with suspicious money.

Training and Education Materials

Download or order resources for specific users, such as retailers and law enforcement.

Policy on Image Use

Find out how to get permission to use bank note images.