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May 4, 2020

Bridge to Recovery: The Bank’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Remarks (delivered virtually) Carolyn A. Wilkins C.D. Howe Institute Toronto, Ontario
Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn A. Wilkins discusses measures the Bank has taken to address the COVID-19 pandemic and set the stage for recovery.

Interest Rate Uncertainty as a Policy Tool

Staff Working Paper 2020-13 Fabio Ghironi, Galip Kemal Ozhan
We study a novel policy tool—interest rate uncertainty—that can be used to discourage inefficient capital inflows and to adjust the composition of external account between shortterm securities and foreign direct investment (FDI).

The Power of Helicopter Money Revisited: A New Keynesian Perspective

Staff Discussion Paper 2020-1 Thomas J. Carter, Rhys R. Mendes
We analyze money financing of fiscal transfers (helicopter money) in two simple New Keynesian models: a “textbook” model in which all money is non-interest-bearing (e.g., all money is currency), and a more realistic model with interest-bearing reserves.

Changing Fortunes: Long-Termism—G-Zero, Artificial Intelligence and Debt

Staff Discussion Paper 2019-12 Stephen S. Poloz
This paper discusses three long-term forces that are acting on the global economy and their implications for companies and policy-makers.

Technological Progress and Monetary Policy: Managing the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Staff Discussion Paper 2019-11 Stephen S. Poloz
This paper looks at the implications for monetary policy of the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is sometimes called the “fourth industrial revolution.”
February 21, 2019

Toward 2021: The Power—and Limitations—of Policy

Remarks Stephen S. Poloz The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal Montréal, Quebec
Governor Poloz explains that monetary policy is a powerful tool to promote economic welfare, but it also has some important limits.

Monetary Policy Uncertainty: A Tale of Two Tails

Staff Working Paper 2018-50 Tatjana Dahlhaus, Tatevik Sekhposyan
We document a strong asymmetry in the evolution of federal funds rate expectations and map this observed asymmetry into measures of monetary policy uncertainty. We show that periods of monetary policy tightening and easing are distinctly related to downside (policy rate is higher than expected) and upside (policy rate is lower than expected) uncertainty.
September 6, 2018

An Update on Canada’s Economic Resilience

Remarks Carolyn A. Wilkins Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership Regina, Saskatchewan
Senior Deputy Governor Wilkins discusses economic developments since the July Monetary Policy Report and Governing Council’s deliberations leading to yesterday’s policy rate decision.
June 27, 2018

Let Me Be Clear: From Transparency to Trust and Understanding

Remarks Stephen S. Poloz Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Victoria, British Columbia
Governor Poloz talks about how the Bank is improving communications with the public and helping financial markets understand its monetary policy approach.
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