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June 12, 2017

Canadian Economic Update: Strength in Diversity

Remarks Carolyn A. Wilkins The Associates of the Asper School of Business Winnipeg, Manitoba
Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn A. Wilkins talks about encouraging signs that growth is broadening across Canada’s regions and sectors.

Household Risk Assessment Model

Technical Report No. 106 Brian Peterson, Tom Roberts
Household debt can be an important source of vulnerability to the financial system. This technical report describes the Household Risk Assessment Model (HRAM) that has been developed at the Bank of Canada to stress test household balance sheets at the individual level.
Content Type(s): Staff research, Technical reports Topic(s): Financial stability, Housing, Sectoral balance sheet JEL Code(s): C, C0, C6, C63, C65, D, D0, D1, D14
May 6, 2016

Stress Prevention: Central Banks and Financial Stability

Remarks Lawrence L. Schembri Joint Workshop: Bank of Canada, International Monetary Fund, Centre for International Governance Innovation, and Peterson Institute for International Economics Ottawa, Ontario
Deputy Governor Lawrence Schembri discusses central banks and the maintenance of financial stability.
February 24, 2016

Connecting the Dots: Elevated Household Debt and the Risk to Financial Stability

Remarks Lawrence L. Schembri Guelph Chamber of Commerce Guelph, Ontario
Deputy Governor Lawrence Schembri discusses household debt, the risk it poses to financial stability and the role of the Bank of Canada.
August 25, 2015

The Long-Term Evolution of House Prices: An International Perspective

Remarks Lawrence L. Schembri Canadian Association for Business Economics Kingston, Ontario
Deputy Governor Lawrence Schembri discusses the international evidence of underlying determinants of long-term movements in house prices.
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