Hossein is a Senior Economist of the Climate Analysis Team in the Financial Stability Department. He contributes to the Bank’s research on investigating the macroeconomic implications of climate change for the financial sector. His research interests include environmental economics, public economics, growth and development, and international trade. Specific topics include optimal policy design in the presence of externalities, distributional effects of environmental regulations, directed technological change in natural resource sectors, and the growth effects of intellectual property rights.

Prior to joining the Bank of Canada, Hossein worked as an Economist at the Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI) and the Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI). Hossein holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Calgary, where he also worked as a lecturer during his studies.

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Staff discussion papers

Transition Scenarios for Analyzing Climate-Related Financial Risk

Climate transition scenarios clarify climate-related risks to our economy and financial system. This paper summarizes key results of Canada-relevant scenarios developed in a pilot project on climate risk by the Bank of Canada and the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.

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Technical reports

Assessing Climate-Related Financial Risk: Guide to Implementation of Methods

A pilot project on climate transition scenarios by the Bank of Canada and the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions assessed climate-related credit and market risks. This report describes the project’s methodologies and provides guidance on implementing them.

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