Geneviève Vallée

MA intern

Geneviève holds a Joint Honours B.Sc in Mathematics and Economics and a MA in Economics with a concentration in Data Science. Her research interests are in applied econometrics. She is contributing to the Methods of Payment Study and doing some analysis using the Transaction Duration Study Data.


Geneviève Vallée

MA intern
Economic Research and Analysis

Bank of Canada
234 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0G9


How Long Does It Take You to Pay? A Duration Study of Canadian Retail Transaction Payment Times

Staff Working Paper 2018-46 Geneviève Vallée
Using an exclusive data set of payment times for retail transactions made in Canada, I show that cash is the most time-efficient method of payment (MOP) when compared with payments by debit and credit cards. I model payment efficiency using Cox proportional hazard models, accounting for consumer choice of MOP.

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