Anson Ho is a senior economist in the Financial Stability Department at the Bank of Canada. His primary research interests include retirement savings, housing, taxation, and firm dynamics. Anson received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Iowa.

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Staff analytical notes

Household indebtedness risks in the wake of COVID‑19

Staff Analytical Note 2020-8 Olga Bilyk, Anson T. Y. Ho, Mikael Khan, Geneviève Vallée
COVID-19 presents challenges for indebted households. We assess these by drawing parallels between pandemics and natural disasters. Taking into account the financial health of the household sector when the pandemic began, we run model simulations to illustrate how payment deferrals and the labour market recovery will affect mortgage defaults.

Home Equity Extraction and Household Spending in Canada

Staff Analytical Note 2019-27 Anson T. Y. Ho, Mikael Khan, Monica Mow, Brian Peterson
We use rich microdata to measure home equity extraction in Canada and track its evolution over time. We find home equity extraction has been rising in recent years and has likely contributed materially to dynamics in household spending.
Content Type(s): Staff research, Staff analytical notes Topic(s): Financial stability, Housing JEL Code(s): D, D1, D12, E, E2, E21, G, G2, G20

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Staff working papers

Housing and Tax-Deferred Retirement Accounts

Staff Working Paper 2016-24 Anson T. Y. Ho, Jie Zhou
Assets in tax-deferred retirement accounts (TDA) and housing are two major components of household portfolios. In this paper, we develop a life-cycle model to examine the interaction between households’ use of TDA and their housing decisions.
Content Type(s): Staff research, Staff working papers Topic(s): Economic models, Housing JEL Code(s): C, C6, C61, D, D1, D14, D9, D91, E, E2, E21, H, H2, H24, R, R2, R21

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Journal publications

Journal articles

  • “Tax-deferred Saving Accounts: Heterogeneity and Policy Reforms”
    in European Economic Review, vol. 97, pages 26-41, August 2017.
  • “Prediction Market for Disease Surveillance: A Case Study of Influenza Activity”
    (with Philip M. Polgreen and Tim Prendergast) in Journal of Prediction Markets, vol. 10(1), pages 68-82, October 2016.
  • “Flexible Estimation of Copulas: An Application to the U.S. Housing Crisis”
    (with Kim P. Huynh and David T. Jacho-Chavez) in Journal of Applied Econometrics, vol. 31(3), pages 603-610, April 2016.
  • “crs: A Package for Nonparametric Splines Estimation in R”
    (with Kim P. Huynh and David T. Jacho-Chavez) in Journal of Applied Econometrics, vol. 29(2), pages 348-352, March 2014.
  • “npRmpi: A Package for Parallel Distributed Kernel Estimation in R”
    (with Kim P. Huynh and David T. Jacho-Chavez) in Journal of Applied Econometrics, vol. 26(2), pages 344-349, March 2011.


Chapters in books

  • “Analysing Labour Productivity in Ecuador”
    (with German Cubas, Kim P. Huynh, and David T. Jacho-Chavez) in Productivity and Efficiency Analysis, Chapter 7, pages 109-117, 2016. Springer ISBN 978-3-319-23228-7.