Lana Embree

Principal Analyst


Lana Embree

Principal Analyst
Financial Stability
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Bank of Canada
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Examining Full Collateral Coverage in Canada’s Large Value Transfer System

Staff Working Paper 2015-29 Lana Embree, Varya Taylor
The Large Value Transfer System (LVTS) is Canada’s main electronic interbank funds transfer system that financial institutions use daily to transmit thousands of payments worth several billions of dollars.
May 14, 2015

Improving the Foundation of Canada’s Payments System

The Canadian payments environment has evolved with enhancements in technology, changes in user expectations and new regulatory standards. In response, the existing regulatory framework and core payments infrastructure are being enhanced. This article describes several revisions to the governance and regulation of the payments system as well as plans to update the core payments infrastructure. These initiatives will position the Canadian payments system to more effectively support a modern and vibrant economy by serving the payments needs of Canadians safely and efficiently as the payments industry continues to evolve.
February 17, 2011

Payment Networks: A Review of Recent Research

In this article, the authors review work done at the Bank of Canada and at other central banks with the relatively new application of network analysis to the study of payments systems.

Network Analysis and Canada's Large Value Transfer System

Staff Discussion Paper 2009-13 Lana Embree, Tom Roberts
Analysis of the characteristics and structure of a network of financial institutions can provide insight into the complex relationships and interdependencies that exist in a payment, clearing, and settlement system (PCSS), and allow an intuitive understanding of the PCSS's efficiency, stability, and resiliency.

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