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November 10, 2022

Media Availability: Public Policy Forum

The Evolution of Canadian Labour Markets — Governor Tiff Macklem takes questions from reporters following his remarks (13:30 (ET) approx.).

November 10, 2022

Speech: Public Policy Forum

The Evolution of Canadian Labour Markets — Governor Tiff Macklem speaks before the Public Policy Forum (12:10 (ET) approx.).

November 10, 2022

Restoring labour market balance and price stability

Remarks Tiff Macklem Public Policy Forum Toronto, Ontario
Governor Tiff Macklem outlines the link between high inflation and tight labour markets. He explains how the Bank is working to rebalance the labour market and discusses how structural changes may influence the supply of workers in Canada.

Stagflation and Topsy-Turvy Capital Flows

Staff Working Paper 2022-46 Julien Bengui, Louphou Coulibaly
Unregulated capital flows are likely excessive during a stagflation episode, owing to a macroeconomic externality operating through the economy’s supply side. Inflows raise domestic wages and cause unwelcome upward pressure on firm costs, yet market forces likely generate such inflows. Optimal capital flow management instead requires net outflows.
November 8, 2022

Details on Bond Buyback Operations

This document presents the operational details pertaining to bond buyback operations. Please refer to the Standard Terms of each buyback operation for further information.

Core inflation over the COVID-19 pandemic

Staff Analytical Note 2022-17 Mikael Khan, Elyse Sullivan
We assess the usefulness of various measures of core inflation over the COVID-19 pandemic. We find that Cpi-trim and CPI-median provided the best signal of underlying inflation. The favourable performance of these measures stems from their lack of reliance on historical experience, an especially valuable feature in unprecedented times.
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