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August 24, 2010

Re-examining Canada’s Monetary Policy Framework: Recent Research and Outstanding Issues

Remarks John Murray Canadian Association for Business Economics Kingston, Ontario
I am honoured to address members of the Canadian Association for Business Economics. My remarks today will focus on critical issues that the Bank of Canada has studied over the past four years and how this research will inform our work as we move forward post crisis.
August 27, 2007

The Bank of Canada's Research Agenda and the Future of Inflation Targeting

Remarks Pierre Duguay Canadian Association for Business Economics Kingston, Ontario
The last few weeks have been a time of turbulence in financial markets. In times such as these, it is common for people to focus on day-by-day or even hour-by-hour events, and to lose sight of the future. But tonight, I want to focus on the future; specifically, the future of inflation targeting in Canada.
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