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Christopher Henry

Christopher (Chris) is a Senior Economist and serves as lead for the consumer survey research program on the Currency Department’s Economic Research and Analysis team.

Heng Chen

Heng Chen is a Research Advisor in the Currency Department at the Bank of Canada.
Department(s): Currency, Economic Research and Analysis Research Field(s): Payments Economics Alma Mater: Vanderbilt University

Kim Huynh

Kim is a Senior Research Advisor. His research interests include industrial economics and applied econometrics.

Bill Laur

Department(s): Currency

Monique LeBlanc

Monique LeBlanc was appointed Regional Director (Currency) at the Bank's Regional Office for the Atlantic provinces in 2005.
Department(s): Currency

Manuel Parreira

Manuel Parreira was appointed Regional Director at the Ontario Regional Office of the Bank of Canada in July 2007.
Department(s): Currency
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