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Carolyn Rogers

Carolyn Rogers was appointed Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, effective December 15, 2021, for a seven-year term.
Department(s): Executive

Mark Hardisty

Mark Hardisty was appointed Special Advisor to the Governor, effective November 6, 2019. As senior representative for the financial market community at the Bank of Canada’s Toronto Regional Office.
Department(s): Executive

Toni Gravelle

Toni Gravelle was appointed Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, effective October 1, 2019.
Department(s): Executive

Paul Beaudry

Paul Beaudry
Paul Beaudry was appointed Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, effective February 2019. In this capacity, he is one of two deputy governors responsible for overseeing the Bank’s analysis and activities in promoting a stable and efficient financial system. As a member of the Bank’s Governing Council, shares responsibility for decisions with respect to monetary policy and financial system stability and for setting the strategic direction of the Bank.
Department(s): Executive

Jill Vardy

Jill Vardy was appointed Advisor (Communications) and Chief of Staff, effective 3 January 2017.
Department(s): Executive

Sheryl King

Sheryl King was appointed as Advisor to the Governor, representing the Bank of Canada in its New York Office, effective 5 July 2016. She is responsible for promoting and strengthening ties between the Bank and the financial community in New York, with an emphasis on financial market and financial stability developments.
Department(s): Executive

Paul Chilcott

Paul Chilcott was appointed Advisor to the Governor, effective 19 May 2015. In this role, which focuses on financial market issues, he helps to coordinate the Bank’s work on promoting domestic and international financial stability.
Department(s): Executive

Filipe Dinis

Filipe Dinis is Chief Operating Officer at the Bank of Canada.
Department(s): Executive

Ron Morrow

Ron Morrow
Ron Morrow was appointed Executive Director – Supervision, effective January 3, 2023.
Department(s): Executive

Darcey McVanel

Darcey McVanel is Lead, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Policy Integration at the Bank of Canada.
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