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July 2, 2024

Methods-of-Payment Survey

The Bank of Canada surveys Canadian consumers to get a better understanding of how they pay for goods and services.

2023 Methods-of-Payment Survey Report: The Resilience of Cash

Staff Discussion Paper 2024-8 Christopher Henry, Matthew Shimoda, Doina Rusu
We present key results from the 2023 Methods-of-Payment Survey. Results show that measures of cash management and use have remained stable since 2020, and that Canadians increased their adoption of payment alternatives such as mobile apps in 2023.

The Output-Inflation Trade-off in Canada

We explain how the Bank of Canada’s policy models capture the trade-off between output and inflation in Canada. We provide new estimates of the trade-off and contrast them with those in the Bank’s macroeconomic models.

How big is cash-futures basis trading in Canada’s government bond market?

Staff Analytical Note 2024-16 Andreas Uthemann, Rishi Vala
Cash-futures basis trading has grown alongside the Government of Canada bond futures market. We examine this growth over time in relation to Government of Canada bond and repurchase agreement markets and provide details on the type of market participants that engage in this type of trading activity.

Non-bank financial intermediation: Canada’s submission to the 2023 global monitoring report

Staff Analytical Note 2024-15 Malcolm Fisher, Alan Walsh
We share insights from Canadian data from 2002 to 2022 that the Bank of Canada collected. The Bank submits these data each year to the Financial Stability Board for inclusion in its Global Monitoring Report on Non-Bank Financial Intermediation.
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