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Research staff

Profiles of the Bank’s research staff, featuring their publications, education and research fields.


Alma Mater


Research Fields

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Greg Adams

Department(s): Financial Markets Research Field(s): Financial Markets

Frida Adjalala

Frida is a Principal Economist in the International Model Development Division of the International Economic Analysis Department (INT).

Patrick Alexander

Patrick Alexander is a Principal Researcher in the International Economic Analysis Department.

Jason Allen

Jason Allen is a Senior Research Officer in the Economic and Financial Research Department at the Bank of Canada.

Narayan Bulusu

Narayan Bulusu is a Research Advisor in the Banking and Payments Department (BAP) at the Bank of Canada.

Christian Bustamante

Christian Bustamante is a Senior Economist in the Financial Stability Department at the Bank of Canada.
Department(s): Financial Stability
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