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Here’s how to recognize and report a scam.

If you still hold Canada Savings Bonds, please be advised that the telephone contact number 1-877-899-3599 has been discontinued. If you called that number since February 2024, you may have been exposed to a scam. If so, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1‑888‑495‑8501.  For information about Canada Savings Bonds, contact the Unclaimed Properties Office at 1‑833‑876‑2267.

Recognizing a scam

As Canada’s central bank, the Bank of Canada:

  • does not accept deposits from or on behalf of individuals
  • does not request the transfer of funds or payments from individuals
  • does not get involved in or partner with companies or individuals in investment schemes
  • does not collect personal or financial information from individuals through email or by telephone
  • does not request personal or financial information through social media messaging applications

The Bank’s employees and officers:

  • do not request personal or financial information by telephone, email or through social media messaging applications
  • do not participate in any internet-based communications that request information or payment for services

Reporting a scam

Take the following steps if you have concerns about the contents of any call or internet-based communication that purports to be from the Bank or about the Bank’s involvement in any investment scheme or suspicious activity:

  • Delete the email or message after contacting your local authorities.
  • Do not follow links. Access the Bank’s website by typing the URL yourself——and look for references to the program identified in the email.
  • Call our Public Information Office at 1‑800‑303‑1282 (toll-free in North America), or send us an with details of the scam.
  • Optionally, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

If you suspect your information may have been compromised, you may also wish to take precautionary measures to safeguard financial and personal information online, such as:

  • updating any passwords for credit cards, financial or other accounts
  • enabling multi-factor authentication on all accounts online
  • monitoring your financial and personal online accounts for any unusual activity
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