Sofia Priazhkina

Senior Economist



Sofia Priazhkina is a Senior Economist in the Financial Stability Department at the Bank of Canada. Her research interests include financial networks, systemic risk, game theory, and shadow banking. She received her Ph.D. in Economics from Indiana University.

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Staff Analytical Notes

Modelling the Macrofinancial Effects of a House Price Correction in Canada

We use a suite of risk-assessment models to examine the possible impact of a hypothetical house price correction, centred in the Toronto and Vancouver areas. We also assume financial stress significantly amplifies the macroeconomic impact of the house price decline.

Staff Working Papers

Information Sharing and Bargaining in Buyer-Seller Networks

Staff Working Paper 2016-63 Sofia Priazhkina, Frank H. Page
This paper presents a model of strategic buyer-seller networks with information exchange between sellers. Prior to engaging in bargaining with buyers, sellers can share access to buyers for a negotiated transfer. We study how this information exchange affects overall market prices, volumes and welfare, given different initial market conditions and information sharing rules.