Lu Han is a Senior Economist in the International Economic Analysis Department. He is a macroeconomist with research interests in International Economics, Open Macroeconomics, Firms and Trade. Lu obtained his PhD in Economics from the University of Cambridge.

Journal publications

Refereed Journals

Invoicing and Pricing-to-Market: Evidence on International Pricing by UK Exporters
(with Giancarlo Corsetti and Meredith Crowley), Journal of International Economics,2022.

Other Research

The Looming Threat of Tariff Hikes: Entry into Exporting under Trade Agreement Renegotiation
(with Meredith Crowley and Oliver Exton), American Economic Association: Papers and Proceedings, May 2020.

The Pro-competitive Effects of Trade Agreements
(with Meredith Crowley and Thomas Prayer), R&R at Journal of International Economics.

Renegotiation of Trade Agreements and Firm Exporting Decisions: Evidence from the Impact of Brexit on UK Exports
(with Meredith Crowley and Oliver Exton), R&R at European Economic Review.

Markets and Markups: A New Empirical Framework and Evidence on Exporters
from China
” (with Giancarlo Corsetti, Meredith Crowley, and Huasheng Song)

Dominant Currency Dynamics: Evidence on Dollar-invoicing from UK Exporters
(with Meredith Crowley and Minkyu Son)