Gaelan MacKenzie is a Senior Economist. His research focuses on international trade with an overlap with macroeconomics, the economics of innovation, and industrial organization. He received a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Toronto in 2020.

Staff working papers

Trade and Diffusion of Embodied Technology: An Empirical Analysis

Using data from patents, citations, inter-sectoral sales and customs, we examine the international diffusion of technology through imports of sectoral knowledge and production inputs. We develop an instrumental variable strategy to identify the causal effects of technology embodied in imports on innovation and diffusion outcomes.

Trade and Market Power in Product and Labor Markets

Staff Working Paper 2021-17 Gaelan MacKenzie
Trade liberalizations increase the sales and input purchases of productive firms relative to their less productive domestic competitors. This reallocation affects firms’ market power in their product and input markets. I quantify how the labour market power of employers affects the distribution and size of the gains from trade.

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Journal publications


Working Papers

  • "Trade and Market Power in Product and Labor Markets", 2020
  • "Trade and Diffusion of Embodied Technology", 2020