Benjamin Sawatzky

Senior Economist

Benjamin Sawatzky is a Senior Economist in the Commodities Division in the International Economic Analysis Department. In this role he performs current analysis, model development and forecasting for a range of commodities, with particular attention to oil. He holds an MA in economics from the University of Toronto.


Benjamin Sawatzky

Senior Economist
International Economic Analysis
Commodities Division

Bank of Canada
234 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0G9


November 16, 2017 Factors Behind the 2014 Oil Price Decline

Oil prices have declined sharply over the past three years. While both supply and demand factors played a role in the large oil price decline of 2014, global supply growth seems to have been the predominant force. The most important drivers were likely the surprising growth of US shale oil production, the output decisions of the Organization of the Petro-leum Exporting Countries and the weaker-than-expected global growth that followed the 2009 global financial crisis.

The Evolution of the Chinese Housing Market and Its Impact on Base Metal Prices

Staff Discussion Paper 2016-7 Mark Kruger, Kun Mo, Benjamin Sawatzky
The Chinese housing market has grown rapidly following its liberalization in the 1990s, generating significant economic activity and demand for base metals. In this paper, we discuss the evolution of the Chinese housing market and quantify its importance for the overall Chinese economy and its linkages to base metal prices.
Content Type(s): Staff Research, Staff Discussion Papers Topic(s): International topics JEL Code(s): Q, Q3, Q31, R, R3, R31

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  • M.A. (Economics), University of Toronto (2012)
  • B.A. Hons. (Economics), University of Manitoba (2011)

Research Interests

  • International Economics
  • Economic Development
  • International Political Economy
  • Taxation


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