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Bank of Canada Conference on Central Bank Communications

Opening Remarks

Lynn Patterson (Bank of Canada)

Session 1: Central Banks and Private Information

Chair: Rodrigo Sekkel (Bank of Canada)

Non-Monetary News in Central Bank Communication

Anna Cieslak (Duke University), Andreas Schrimpf (Bank of International Settlements)

Discussant: Giovanni Ricco (University of Warwick)

The Long-Run Information Effect of Central Bank Text

Stephen Hansen (University of Oxford), Michael McMahon (University of Oxford), Matthew Tong (Bank of England)

Discussant: Jenny Tang (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)

Session 2: The Role of Monetary Policy Anticipation

Chair: Monica Jain (Bank of Canada)

Anticipated Monetary Policy and Central Bank Communications

Petra Geraats (University of Cambridge), Simon Lloyd (Bank of England)

Discussant: Toni Gravelle (Bank of Canada)

Noisy Monetary Policy

Tatjana Dahlhaus (Bank of Canada), Luca Gambetti (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Discussant: Kyle Jurado (Duke University)

Keynote Remarks

Chair: Lawrence Schembri (Bank of Canada)

Jon Faust (Federal Reserve Board)

Session 3: Textual Analysis

Chair: Jeremy Harrison (Bank of Canada)

Linguistic Variation in Central Bank Communication

Luba Petersen (Simon Fraser University), Stephen Rouse (Simon Fraser University), Jasmina Arifovic (Simon Fraser University)

Discussant: Ellen Meade (Federal Reserve Board)

The Evolving Scope and Content of Central Bank Speeches

Pierre Siklos (Wilfried Laurier University), Samantha St. Amand (Centre for International Governance Innovation), Joanna Wajda (Centre for International Governance Innovation)

Discussant: Klodiana Istrefi (Banque de France)

Session 4: Sentiment in Central Bank Communication

Chair: Jason Allen (Bank of Canada)

Central Bank Sentiment and Policy Expectations

Paul Hubert (OFCE - Sciences Po), Fabien Labondance (Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté – CRESE)

Discussant: Simon Lloyd (Bank of England)

How Does the Fed Manage Interest Rate Expectations?

Robin Tietz (Cass Business School)

Discussant: Charles Martineau (University of Toronto)

Session 5: Forward Guidance and Expectations

Chair: Jonathan Witmer (Bank of Canada)

When and Why Forward Guidance Can Unanchor Expectations

Michael Ehrmann (European Central Bank), Gaetano Gaballo (Banque de France), Peter Hoffmann (European Central Bank), Georg Strasser (European Central Bank)

Discussant: Sharon Kozicki (Bank of Canada)

How do Central Bank Projections and Forward Guidance Influence Private-Sector Forecasts?

Monica Jain (Bank of Canada), Christopher Sutherland (Bank of Canada)

Discussant: Thomas Lustenberger (Swiss National Bank)

Session 6: Economic News in Central Bank Communication

Chair: Jean-Sébastien Fontaine (Bank of Canada)

Deconstructing Monetary Policy Surprises: The Role of Information Shocks

Marek Jarociński (European Central Bank), Peter Karadi (European Central Bank)

Discussant: Aeimit Lakdawala (Michigan State University)

Delphic and Odyssean Monetary Policy Shocks: Evidence from the Euro-Area

Philippe Andrade (Banque de France), Filippo Ferroni (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)

Discussant: Andrea Vedolin (Boston University)

Session 7: Central Bank Communication and the Media

Chair: Jill Vardy (Bank of Canada)

Federal Reserve Communication and the Media

Carola Binder (Haverford College)

Discussant: Pierre Siklos (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Gauging the Sentiment of Federal Open Market Committee Communications Through the Eyes of the Financial Press

Shantanu Banerjee (Federal Reserve Board), Michiel De Pooter (Federal Reserve Board), Olesya Grishchenko (Federal Reserve Board), Cait Walsh (Federal Reserve Board)

Discussant: Vegard Larsen (Norges Bank)

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