• June 27, 1996

    Some current economic issues in Canada

    Remarks Gordon Thiessen London Chamber of Commerce London, Ontario
    Every year, the Bank of Canada's Board of Directors has one of its meetings outside Ottawa, in a different part of the country. I am delighted that this year's meeting has brought us to London today, giving me the opportunity to speak to you about recent developments in the Canadian economy.
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  • March 30, 1995

    Uncertainty and the Transmission of Monetary Policy in Canada

    Lecture Gordon Thiessen York University, Glendon College Toronto, Ontario
    Just over seven years ago, my predecessor, John Crow, delivered the Hanson Memorial Lecture at the University of Alberta. In it, he discussed a number of issues relating to the conduct of Canadian monetary policy, including the goal of monetary policy, the transmission mechanism, the use of monetary aggregates as policy guides, financial market uncertainty, and the role of the exchange rate
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