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  • Mark Hardisty

    Mark Hardisty was appointed Special Advisor to the Governor, effective November 6, 2019. As senior representative for the financial market community at the Bank of Canada’s Toronto Regional Office.
    Department(s): Executive
  • Jill Vardy

    Jill Vardy was appointed Advisor (Communications) and Chief of Staff, effective 3 January 2017.
    Department(s): Executive
  • Sheryl King

    Sheryl King was appointed as Advisor to the Governor, representing the Bank of Canada in its New York Office, effective 5 July 2016. She is responsible for promoting and strengthening ties between the Bank and the financial community in New York, with an emphasis on financial market and financial stability developments.
    Department(s): Executive
  • Paul Chilcott

    Paul Chilcott was appointed Advisor to the Governor, effective 19 May 2015. In this role, which focuses on financial market issues, he helps to coordinate the Bank’s work on promoting domestic and international financial stability.
    Department(s): Executive
  • Stephen Murchison

    Stephen Murchison
    Stephen Murchison was appointed Advisor to the Governor, effective 4 May 2015.
    Department(s): Executive
  • Donald Coletti

    Don Coletti was appointed Advisor to the Governor effective 26 August 2013. He is responsible for financial system issues, including vulnerabilities, reforms and market dynamics, and their implications for financial stability and monetary policy.
    Department(s): Executive
  • Eric Santor

    Eric Santor was appointed Advisor to the Governor on Digitalization effective March 11, 2019.
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