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May 3, 2022

Earning the trust of Canadians

Speech summary Carolyn Rogers Women in Capital Markets Toronto, Ontario
In her first speech with the Bank of Canada, Senior Deputy Governor Carolyn Rogers talks about how independence and accountability help the Bank build and maintain trust.

Asymmetric Systemic Risk

Staff Working Paper 2022-19 Radoslav Raykov, Consuelo Silva-Buston
Bank regulation presumes risks spill over more easily from large banks to the banking system than vice versa. Interestingly, we observe this is not the case. We find that the capacity to transmit risk is larger in the system-to-bank direction, leading to an increased default risk.

Alexander Murray

Alexander Murray is a Senior Data Scientist in the Corporate Services and Data (CS) department.

Danica Marsden

Dr. Danica Marsden is a Principal Quantum Computing Scientist at the Bank of Canada.
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