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Profiles of the Bank’s economic research staff, featuring sections on their publications, education, and research fields.



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Toni Ahnert

Toni Ahnert is a Research Advisor in the Financial Stability Department at the Bank of Canada.

Patrick Alexander

Patrick Alexander is a Senior Economist in the International Economic Analysis Department.

Jason Allen

Jason Allen is a Senior Research Officer in the Economic and Financial Research Department at the Bank of Canada.

David Amirault

David Amirault was appointed Regional Director (Economics) at the Bank of Canada's Regional Office for the Atlantic Provinces in 1999. In this capacity, he directs research and analysis on economic and financial developments in the region.

Stacey Anderson

Stacey Anderson is a Principal Analyst in the Financial Stability Department at the Bank of Canada where she works in the area of CCP oversight. Prior to joining FSD, Stacey held various positions in the Bank’s Financial Markets Department and at the Department of Finance.

Zahir Antia

Zahir Antia was appointed Senior Representative of the New York Office of the Bank of Canada in July 2011. In this capacity, Mr. Antia develops and maintains relationships with central banking counterparts, financial regulatory authorities and other financial market participants in the United States.
Department(s): Financial Markets