Sylvain Leduc

Deputy Governor

Sylvain Leduc was appointed Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, effective May 2016. In this capacity, he is one of two deputy governors responsible for overseeing the Bank’s analysis and activities in promoting a stable and efficient financial system. As a member of the Bank’s Governing Council, he shares responsibility for decisions with respect to monetary policy and financial system stability and for setting the strategic direction of the Bank.

Before his appointment to the Bank of Canada, Mr. Leduc served as Vice President, Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco—a position he held since 2013. From 2008 until his appointment as Vice President, he worked as a Research Advisor at the San Francisco Fed. He has also worked as a Senior Economist in the Division of International Finance at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington, D.C., and as a Senior Economist, Macroeconomic Research, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

Born in Montréal, Quebec, Mr. Leduc received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics from McGill University and obtained a PhD in economics from the University of Rochester. He has served as Editorial Advisor for the Canadian Journal of Economics.

Biographical Note: Sylvain Leduc


Sylvain Leduc

Deputy Governor

Bank of Canada
234 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0G9

Curriculum vitae


May 31, 2018 A Progress Report on the Economy

Remarks Sylvain Leduc Association des économistes québécois and CFA Québec Québec, Québec
Deputy Governor Sylvain Leduc discusses the issues that led Governing Council to hold the policy interest rate at 1.25 per cent in their May 30 decision.

October 3, 2017 Seeking Gazelles in Polar Bear Country

Remarks Sylvain Leduc Sherbrooke Chamber of Commerce Sherbrooke, Quebec
Deputy Governor Sylvain Leduc discusses the decline in firm creation and productivity in the Canadian economy.

May 25, 2017 Upgrading the Payments Grid: The Payoffs Are Greater Than You Think

Remarks Sylvain Leduc Payments Canada Toronto, Ontario
Deputy Governor Sylvain Leduc discusses how upgrading Canada’s core payment systems will contribute to financial stability and help the Bank keep inflation on target.

January 30, 2017 Opening Statement before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance

Opening Statement Sylvain Leduc House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance Ottawa, Ontario
Deputy Governor Sylvain Leduc discusses household debt and house prices, the risks they pose to financial stability and the role of the Bank of Canada.
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Working Papers and Manuscripts

  • “The Slow Job Recovery in a Macro Model of Search and Recruiting Intensity”
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