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Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Labour Market Adjustments in Canadian Manufacturing Industries

Staff Working Paper 2015-45 Gabriel Bruneau, Kevin Moran
We estimate the link between exchange rate fluctuations and the labour input of Canadian manufacturing industries. The analysis is based on a dynamic model of labour demand, and the econometric strategy employs a panel two-step approach for cointegrating regressions.

Inflation and Growth: A New Keynesian Perspective

Staff Working Paper 2012-23 Robert Amano, Thomas J. Carter, Kevin Moran
The long-run relation between growth and inflation has not yet been studied in the context of nominal price and wage rigidities, despite the fact that these rigidities now figure prominently in workhorse macroeconomic models.
Content Type(s): Staff Research, Staff Working Papers Topic(s): Inflation: costs and benefits JEL Code(s): E, E3, E31, E5, E52, O, O3, O31, O4, O42

Bank Leverage Regulation and Macroeconomic Dynamics

Staff Working Paper 2011-32 Ian Christensen, Césaire Meh, Kevin Moran
This paper assesses the merits of countercyclical bank balance sheet regulation for the stabilization of financial and economic cycles and examines its interaction with monetary policy.

The Role of Bank Capital in the Propagation of Shocks

Staff Working Paper 2008-36 Césaire Meh, Kevin Moran
Recent events in financial markets have underlined the importance of analyzing the link between the financial health of banks and real economic activity. This paper contributes to this analysis by constructing a dynamic general equilibrium model in which the balance sheet of banks affects the propagation of shocks.

Trend Inflation, Wage and Price Rigidities, and Welfare

This paper studies the steady-state costs of inflation in a general-equilibrium model with real per capita output growth and staggered nominal price and wage contracts.
Content Type(s): Staff Research, Staff Working Papers Topic(s): Inflation: costs and benefits JEL Code(s): E, E0, E5

Forecasting Canadian Time Series with the New Keynesian Model

Staff Working Paper 2006-4 Ali Dib, Mohamed Gammoudi, Kevin Moran
The authors document the out-of-sample forecasting accuracy of the New Keynesian model for Canada.

Bank Capital, Agency Costs, and Monetary Policy

Staff Working Paper 2004-6 Césaire Meh, Kevin Moran
Evidence suggests that banks, like firms, face financial frictions when raising funds.

Simple Monetary Policy Rules in an Open-Economy, Limited-Participation Model

Staff Working Paper 2003-38 Scott Hendry, Wai-Ming Ho, Kevin Moran
The authors assess the stabilization properties of simple monetary policy rules within the context of a small open-economy model constructed around the limited-participation assumption and calibrated to salient features of the Canadian economy. By relying on limited participation as the main nominal friction that affects the artificial economy, the authors provide an important check of the robustness of the results obtained using alternative environments in the literature on monetary policy rules, most notably the now-standard "New Keynesian" paradigm that emphasizes rigidities in the price-setting mechanism.

Labour Markets, Liquidity, and Monetary Policy Regimes

Staff Working Paper 2002-32 David Andolfatto, Scott Hendry, Kevin Moran
We develop an equilibrium model of the monetary policy transmission mechanism that highlights information frictions in the market for money and search frictions in the market for labour.

Inflation Expectations and Learning about Monetary Policy

Staff Working Paper 2002-30 David Andolfatto, Scott Hendry, Kevin Moran
Various measures indicate that inflation expectations evolve sluggishly relative to actual inflation. In addition, they often fail conventional tests of unbiasedness.