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The Bank of Canada and the Global Migration Center at the University of California Davis are jointly organizing a workshop on the Macroeconomic Implications of Migration. The workshop takes place at the Bank of Canada’s Head Office in Ottawa on August 29 and 30, 2022 and features two keynote lectures by Ethan Lewis (Dartmouth College) and Giovanni Peri (University of California, Davis). In addition, the workshop consists of four sessions with contributions from invited researchers and designated discussants. The broad subjects discussed in the workshop are:

  • The labor market impacts of immigration, their effects on firms, productivity, innovation, and the economy as a whole.
  • The response of immigration to migration policies and occupation barriers, as well as the consequences of these policies on the labour market and firm competitiveness.
  • The business-cycle behaviour of migration and its implication on the labour market, the skill-premium and income inequality.
  • The effect of migration on public finances.


See the detailed agenda.

Monday, August 29

Opening Remarks

08:50–09:00 (ET)
Sharon Kozicki (Bank of Canada, Deputy Governor)

Session 1: Skilled Migration, H1B Visas, Offshoring

09:00–11:00 (ET)
Chair: Nuno Paixao (Bank of Canada, FSD)

Does Employing Skilled Immigrants Enhance Competitive Performance? Evidence from European Football Clubs

Immigrants, Firms, and Workers: Insights from the H-1B Lottery and US Employer-Employee Matched Data

Opening the Labor Market to Qualified Immigrants in Absence of Linguistic Barriers: Evidence from Italian-speaking Switzerland

Keynote 1: The Effect of Low-Skill Immigration Restrictions on Firms and Workers: Evidence from a Randomized Lottery

11:30–12:30 (ET)
Ethan Lewis (Dartmouth College)

Session 2: Migration, Labor Markets, and Inequality

13:45–15:45 (ET)
Chair: Laure Simon (Bank of Canada, CEA)

Floating Population: Consumption and Location Choices of Rural Migrants in China

Internal Migration and Labor Market Dynamism

Immigration and Inequality: New Macroeconomic Evidence

Keynote 2: Skilled Immigrants, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Productivity of Firms

16:15–17:15 (ET)
Giovanni Peri (University of California, Davis)

Tuesday, August 30

Session 3: Migration and Productivity

08:30–10:30 (ET)
Chair: Youngmin Park (Bank of Canada, CEA)

Occupational Barriers and the Productivity Penalty from Lack of Legal Status

Human Mobility and the Globalization of Knowledge Production

Skilled Immigration, Task Allocation and the Innovation of Firms

Session 4: Migration, the Business Cycle, Monetary and Fiscal Policies

11:00–13:00 (ET)
Chair: Lin Shao (Bank of Canada, INT)

Slowdown in Immigration, Labor Market Shortages, and the Decline in the Skill-Premium

Migration, Search and Skill Heterogeneity

Public Debt, Private Pain: Regional Borrowing, Default, and Migration

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