H. Evren Damar

Principal Researcher

Evren Damar is a Principal Researcher in the Financial Stability Department at the Bank of Canada. He is an applied microeconomist whose primary research interests center on the links between financial institution behaviour and credit, especially regarding household debt. Specific topics include household bankruptcies, impact of bank funding portfolios on the supply of credit, and alternative financial service providers. Evren Damar received his PhD in economics from the University of Washington.


H. Evren Damar

Principal Researcher
Financial Stability
Financial Studies

Bank of Canada
234 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0G9

Curriculum vitae


International Banking and Cross-Border Effects of Regulation: Lessons from Canada

Staff Working Paper 2016-34 H. Evren Damar, Adi Mordel
We study how changes in prudential requirements affect cross-border lending of Canadian banks by utilizing an index that aggregates adjustments in key regulatory instruments across jurisdictions.

On the Nexus of Monetary Policy and Financial Stability: Effectiveness of Macroprudential Tools in Building Resilience and Mitigating Financial Imbalances

Staff Discussion Paper 2016-11 H. Evren Damar, Miguel Molico
This paper reviews the Canadian and international evidence of the effectiveness of macroprudential policy measures in building resilience and mitigating financial imbalances. The analysis concludes that these measures have broadly achieved their goal of increasing the overall resilience of the financial system to the buildup of imbalances and increasing the financial system’s ability to withstand adverse shocks.

Shock Transmission Through International Banks: Canada

Technical Report No. 105 James Chapman, H. Evren Damar
In this paper, we investigate how liquidity conditions in Canada may affect domestic and/or foreign lending of globally active banks and whether this transmission is influenced by individual bank characteristics.
Content Type(s): Technical Reports Topic(s): Financial Institutions, Financial stability JEL Code(s): E, E4, E44, F, F3, F36, G, G2, G21, G3, G32

Effects of Funding Portfolios on the Credit Supply of Canadian Banks

Staff Working Paper 2015-10 H. Evren Damar, Césaire Meh, Yaz Terajima
This paper studies how banks simultaneously manage the two sides of their balance sheet and its implications for bank risk taking and real economic activity. First, we analyze how changes in funding affect the supply of bank loans.

Banks’ Financial Distress, Lending Supply and Consumption Expenditure

Staff Working Paper 2014-7 H. Evren Damar, Reint Gropp, Adi Mordel
The paper employs a unique identification strategy that links survey data on household consumption expenditure to bank-level data in order to estimate the effects of bank financial distress on consumer credit and consumption expenditures.

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Refereed Journals

  • "Consumer Bankruptcy, Bank Mergers, and Information"
    (with Jason Allen and David Martinez-Miera), Review of Finance, forthcoming.
  • "Shock Transmission through International Banks: Canada"
    (with James Chapman), IMF Economic Review, forthcoming.
  • "Leverage, Balance Sheet Size and Wholesale Funding"
    (with Césaire Meh and Yaz Terajima), Journal of Financial Intermediation, 22(4), 639-662, 2013.
  • "Credit Union Membership and Use of Internet Banking Technology"
    (with Lynn Hunnicutt), The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 10(1) (Contributions), 2010.
  • "Why Do Payday Lenders Enter Local Markets? Evidence from Oregon"
    Review of Industrial Organization, 34(2), 173-191, 2009.
  • "A Lesson Learned? Pre- and Post-Crisis Entry Decisions in Turkish Banking"
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  • "The Effect of the Iraq War on Foreign Bank Lending to the MENA Region"
    Emerging Markets Finance & Trade, 43(5), 20-36, 2007.
  • "The Effects of Shared ATM Networks on the Efficiency of Turkish Banks"
    Applied Economics, 38(6), 683-697, 2006.

Other Publications

  • “The Ex-Ante versus Ex-Post Effect of Public Guarantees”
    (with Reint Gropp and Adi Mordel), The Role of Central Banks in Financial Stability: How Has It Changed?, World Scientific Press, November 2013.


  • PhD (Economics), University of Washington (2004)
  • MA (Economics), University of Washington (2001)
  • BS (Industrial Management & Economics), Carnegie Mellon University (1998)

Research Interests

  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Industrial organization


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