This section features videos, training materials and legal tools to help police officers and Crown prosecutors learn about Canadian bank notes and counterfeiting offences.

These materials will help you assess suspected counterfeits and assist in your investigations. Prevention and deterrence efforts are essential in the fight against counterfeiting.

Police investigations of counterfeiting operations - on any scale - have a direct impact on halting this crime. Your actions prevent others from becoming victims, help to stop other criminal activity that is funded by counterfeiting and contribute to bringing counterfeiters to justice.

Canada’s new bank notes are at the forefront in terms of security and will bolster police efforts to preserve Canada’s economic integrity through effective counterfeit deterrence.

Our training materials can be used to:

  • Increase knowledge among police officers
  • Raise awareness in the community
  • Help take counterfeit bills out of circulation
  1. Training Material to Download and/or Order

  2. Wise Up to Counterfeiting: A Guide for Police Officers (DVD)

  3. This short scenario-based video can be shown at police shift meetings and provides first-responder information on how to verify the security features in bank notes and what to do with suspected counterfeit notes. For law enforcement only.
  4. Wise Up to Counterfeiting: A Guide for Police Officers (booklet)

  5. This booklet accompanies the video. It deals with security features and how to send suspected counterfeit notes to the RCMP. For law enforcement only.
  6. Police Duty-Book Insert

  7. A quick-reference tool with information on verifying the security features in bank notes, Criminal Code offences and key contacts. For law enforcement only.
  8. Counterfeit Education Module for Police Studies

  9. This PowerPoint presentation may be used to train police officers and college or university students enrolled in criminal justice programs. It provides information on the nature of counterfeiting, how to verify the security features in bank notes, counterfeiting methods, and the related criminal law. For law enforcement only.
  10. Note: This is a specialized product and has been produced in limited quantities. If ordered, the Bank’s Compliance Unit may contact you to assess and substantiate the need.
  11. Materials for Your Community

  12. Many of our materials are useful for community information sessions and handouts at police departments.
  13. Commemorative $20 Note Fact Sheet

  14. A summary of the security features in the commemorative $20 note.
  15. Download only
  16. Polymer Series Leaflet

  17. Basic information on security features and tips for handling new polymer notes.
  18. Canadian Journey Series Leaflet

  19. Basic information on the security features in the Canadian Journey series of bank notes.
  20. Employee Handbook

  21. For people who handle cash on the job, the complete guide to verifying bank notes
  22. Employee Handbook Quiz

  23. Download only
  24. Quiz Answer Key

  25. Download only
  26. Cash-handler Kit

  27. This kit contains most of our printed materials on verifying bank notes and is designed for managers of people who handle cash on the job. It also includes information on U.S. bank notes and a Polymer series DVD.
  28. Know Your Money Leaflet (US Federal Reserve Notes)

  29. Comprehensive information on the security features of American bank notes.
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The Bank of Canada offers free, postage-paid materials, but reserves the right to limit quantities.
The Bank may contact the requestor prior to shipping to verify that certain audience-specific resources are destined for the right users.