• June 18, 1997

    The Canadian economy: Challenges and prospects

    Remarks Gordon Thiessen la Chambre de commerce et d'industrie du Québec métropolitain Québec, Québec
    Once a year, the Bank of Canada's Board of Directors meets outside Ottawa, alternating among the provinces. I am delighted that this year's out-of-town meeting has brought us to the beautiful and historic city of Quebec. I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about recent developments in our economy.
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  • May 30, 1997

    Flexible Exchange Rates in a World of Low Inflation

    Remarks Gordon Thiessen FOREX '97 Conference Toronto, Ontario
    There is a good deal of discussion these days about Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) in Europe - about the benefits and difficulties of organizing such a union. However, today I would like to examine a somewhat different issue, one that is at the other end of the spectrum; namely, How is the international system of flexible exchange rates working these days?
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  • April 23, 1997

    Bank of Canada Announces Appointment of Senior Regional Representatives

    The Bank of Canada today announced the appointment of senior representatives who will staff its five regional offices across Canada.
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  • March 21, 1997

    Monetary Policy and the Prospects for a Stronger Canadian Economy

    Remarks Gordon Thiessen Canadian Association for Business Economics and the Ottawa Economics Association Ottawa, Ontario
    Anyone who has read our last Monetary Policy Report, the winter issue of the Bank of Canada Review, or our just-released Annual Report knows that the Bank has been positive about Canada's economic outlook. Basically, we are looking for a solid pickup in the pace of economic expansion in coming months, with inflation remaining low. And, with improvements in the basic foundation of our economy, we see the potential for sustained good economic performance over the medium term.
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  • June 27, 1996

    Some current economic issues in Canada

    Remarks Gordon Thiessen London Chamber of Commerce London, Ontario
    Every year, the Bank of Canada's Board of Directors has one of its meetings outside Ottawa, in a different part of the country. I am delighted that this year's meeting has brought us to London today, giving me the opportunity to speak to you about recent developments in the Canadian economy.
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  • March 30, 1995

    Uncertainty and the Transmission of Monetary Policy in Canada

    Lecture Gordon Thiessen York University, Glendon College Toronto, Ontario
    Just over seven years ago, my predecessor, John Crow, delivered the Hanson Memorial Lecture at the University of Alberta. In it, he discussed a number of issues relating to the conduct of Canadian monetary policy, including the goal of monetary policy, the transmission mechanism, the use of monetary aggregates as policy guides, financial market uncertainty, and the role of the exchange rate
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