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Bank of Canada Issues Upgraded $5 Bank Note

The Bank of Canada today put into circulation a $5 note with upgraded security features in order to improve the security of Canadian bank notes. The note will be available across Canada within a few weeks.

The design, colour, and illustrations of the upgraded note remain the same as those of the previously issued $5 notes from the Canadian Journey series.

The upgraded $5 note will include the now-familiar set of improved security features found on all other notes in the Canadian Journey series. These features include a metallic holographic stripe, a watermark portrait, a windowed colour-shifting thread woven into the paper, and a see-through number. To increase its durability, the upgraded $5 note is printed on a slightly heavier paper and is coated with a protective varnish.

"The high level of security now found on the $5 bank note will make it harder than ever to counterfeit," said RCMP Inspector Barry Baxter, Officer in Charge, Counterfeit and Identity Fraud. "Nonetheless, it is important that Canadians check their bank notes. Not only to protect themselves, but to make it harder for criminals to pass counterfeit money."

For more information on Canadian bank notes and their security features, as well as for educational and training materials, visit

Note to Editors:
  • Images of the front and back of the upgraded $5 note are available to the media upon request. Anyone wishing to publish bank note images must first obtain written permission from the Bank of Canada.


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