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November 18, 2010

Where the Economy and Finance Meet

Remarks Jean Boivin Okanagan CFA Society and UBC Okanagan (Faculty of Management) Kelowna, British Columbia
As the title of my speech suggests, I would like to discuss the connections between the real economy – the tangible world of jobs, goods and services – and the more intangible world of finance – of money flows, interest rates and the stock market. They have a long and eventful history.
April 4, 2006

The Conduct of Monetary Policy: Dealing with Changes in the Terms of Trade

Remarks Pierre Duguay School of Business, Okanagan College Kelowna, British Columbia
The ultimate goal of Canadian monetary policy is to help our economy achieve its maximum sustainable growth, and thus contribute to rising living standards for Canadians. The best way to achieve this goal, we've learned from experience, is to keep inflation low, stable, and predictable.
June 15, 2000

Bank of Canada Governor speaks to the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce

"Low and stable inflation is good for business, good for the consumer, and good for the economy as a whole," Bank of Canada Governor Gordon Thiessen told the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce today in a luncheon speech that focused on the contribution that monetary policy makes towards an environment that supports economic activity. Mr. Thiessen […]
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