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Madanmohan Ghosh

Madanmohan Ghosh (Madan) is Principal Economist of the Canadian Economic Analysis Division.
May 24, 2022

Central bank digital currency (CBDC)

The way that Canadians use money and make payments is changing in response to new technologies. That’s why we are building the capability to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC)—so we can be ready should the need arise.

How well can large banks in Canada withstand a severe economic downturn?

We examine the potential impacts of a severe economic shock on the resilience of major banks in Canada. We find these banks would suffer significant financial losses but nevertheless remain resilient. This underscores the role well-capitalized banks and sound underwriting practices play in supporting economic activity in a downturn.
Content Type(s): Staff research, Staff analytical notes Topic(s): Financial institutions, Financial stability JEL Code(s): E, E2, E27, E3, E37, E4, E44, G, G1, G2, G21, G23
May 24, 2022

An Overview of Lynx, Canada’s High-Value Payment System

This document provides an overview of Lynx—Canada’s high-value payment system—and summarizes the system’s design. It explains the development and purpose of Lynx as well as the legal and regulatory framework governing its operation. It also describes the various settlement mechanisms and processes Lynx uses to allow system participants to meet their diverse payment needs while ensuring that risks that arise in the system are managed appropriately.
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