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December 9, 2004

Financial System Efficiency: A Canadian Imperative

Remarks David Dodge Empire Club of Canada and the Canadian Club of Toronto Toronto, Ontario
When I talk about the "financial system," I am referring to financial institutions and markets, the infrastructure, laws, and regulations that govern and support their operations, and the macroeconomic framework within which they operate. My message for you is that improving the efficiency of Canada's financial system is imperative.
August 18, 2004

Bank of Canada Announces Recipients of First Law-Enforcement Award of Excellence for Counterfeit Deterrence

Three recipients, Detective Carmine Palermo, Detective Constable Thomas Hancock, and Detective Constable Harjit Sangha, of the Toronto Police Service (TPS) Fraud Squad, have been selected for their impressive initiative and creative work on "Project Greenback". This project resulted in the seizure of approximately $3 million in counterfeit bank notes, as well as the successful dismantling of multiple counterfeit production facilities in the Toronto area.
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April 22, 2004

Research in Financial Services and Public Policy - Filling the Gaps

Remarks David Dodge Conference on Financial Services and Public Policy Schulich School of Business at York University Toronto, Ontario
For five years, the research program here at Schulich has helped to support and nurture a Canadian academic community focused on financial services. In doing so, the program has encouraged researchers to fill the gaps in our knowledge and help policy-makers and regulators to do a better job. After five years, it's useful to think back and recall the motivations for establishing this program in the first place.
November 3, 2003

On Economic Education

Remarks David Dodge David Dodge Tribute Dinner hosted by the Canadian Foundation of Economic Education Toronto, Ontario
The program this evening focuses on the value of public service and the importance of economic and financial literacy for the well-being of Canadians. These two themes have special significance for me, as my career has involved time spent in the public service as well as teaching.
February 20, 2001

Governor underlines Bank of Canada's ongoing commitment to good economic performance

In highlighting the Bank's commitment to contribute to the economic well-being of Canadians, Mr. Dodge said that the Bank must continue to "conduct monetary policy so as to promote sustained economic growth, create conditions conducive to rising investment, employment, and incomes, and encourage a more stable macroeconomic environment." He stressed that the best contribution monetary policy can make to such an outcome is "to keep future inflation low, stable, and predictable."
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February 20, 2001

The Bank of Canada and Monetary Policy: Future Directions

Remarks David Dodge Toronto Board of Trade Toronto, Ontario
There are three main issues I want to address publicly as I begin my term: the Bank's contribution to good economic performance; the Bank's contribution to promoting financial stability, both nationally and internationally; and the importance of open and frank dialogue with business, labour, and the general public.
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