Yuko Imura is a Principal Researcher in the International Economic Analysis Department. Her primary research fields are international trade and finance, monetary economics and computational economics. She received her PhD in Economics from The Ohio State University.

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The Extensive Margin of Trade and Monetary Policy

Staff Working Paper 2018-37 Yuko Imura, Malik Shukayev
This paper studies the effects of monetary policy shocks on firms’ participation in exporting. We develop a two-country dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model in which heterogeneous firms make forward-looking decisions on whether to participate in the export market and prices are staggered across firms and time.

International Transmission of Credit Shocks in an Equilibrium Model with Production Heterogeneity

Staff Working Paper 2015-19 Yuko Imura, Julia Thomas
Many policy-makers and researchers view the recent financial and real economic crises across North America, Europe and beyond as a global phenomenon. Some have argued that this global recession has a common source: the U.S. financial crisis.

Credit Market Frictions and Sudden Stops

Staff Working Paper 2014-49 Yuko Imura
Financial crises in emerging economies in the 1980s and 1990s often entailed abrupt declines in foreign capital inflows, improvements in trade balance, and large declines in output and total factor productivity (TFP).

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Research papers

  • Endogenous Trade Participation with Incomplete Exchange Rate Pass-Through
  • Heterogeneous Firms, Endogenous Entry,and Monetary Policy in an Open Economy
  • Endogenous Entry and Price Responsiveness
    (with Yi-Chan Tsai)
  • Collateralized Borrowing in a Two-Country DSGE Model with Production Heterogeneity
    (with Julia Thomas)
  • Credit Market Frictions and Sudden Stops